Cyrennica Bank

Cyrennica Bank
City: Cyrennica
Function: Bank of Cyrennica
Zone: Safe-Zone
Coordinates: (-378, 340)

The Cyrennica Bank is a building located in the City of Cyrennica, the Capital of Andalucia. The Bank of Cyrennica is the hub of all Banks and receives the most traffic out of any banking hotspot. On the second floor of the bank, there is an E-CASH Vendor. The E-CASH Vendor sells cosmetic items for the E-CASH Shop ( Items such as the firework wand, the Mobile Musicbox, and the Global Messenger are just a few to note. The Bank contains some Enderchests, a few Bank Guards, and a pedestal where Event Realms are placed. In the right-hand corner of the Cyrennica Bank there is an easter egg Minecart track.

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