Darkoak Tavern
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Location: Darkoak Forest (280, 1130)
Zone: Safe-Zone


The Dark Oak Tavern is located on the eastern border of the Darkoak Forest. It is the last stop before entering Jagged Rocks, which is full of tougher enemies than you will find in Dark Oak Forest. There is a bank chest, a merchant, a skill trainer, and an anvil here. This is a common place to find players entering Jagged Rocks.


There are no mobs inside of Darkoak Tavern, however Darkoak Forest which surrounds the tavern is a hotspot for tier 2 farming. Many new players come to the forest to farm because of its many low tier mobs and chest routes. Be careful though, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of mobs in the forest.

Points of Interest

The biggest point of interest other than Darkoak Forest is Jagged Rocks. Jagged rocks is a great place for mid-tier players to do group raids and is an amazing place to explore. Jagged Rocks also has interests for higher tier players with its famous Crystalpeak Tower and castle. Jagged Rocks contains some of the only spots to farm tier 5.


Darkoak Tavern usually has at least some people there because of its many uses such as its bank, Merchant, and Skill Trainer or because of how close it is to many popular farming spots. Shops are commonly found in front of Darkoak Tavern, but usually there aren't too many.