The Lizardmen, otherwise called Naga, are the slimy creatures that make their home in the Andalucian Swamp. These critters can be quite the foe for the weak adventurer. You should take precaution when you approach one, or they might bite back! As with all creatures in Andalucia, the Lizardmen can be swordsmen or even archers. 

The Lizardmen of the Swamp

These fowl creatures live all around the area about Gloomy Hollows.


The Lizardmen

The tiers range from 1 all the way to 5. The tiers, however, only apply to specific areas around the swamp. If you happen to venture down into the Diamond mine, then you might be faced with multiple T4's. However, if you manage to kill them, you can be rewarded with some nice loot.

The only actual place you will happen to find some terrifying Tier 5 Lizardmen would be around the Giant Tree In Gloomy Hollows.