Orbs of alteration

Orbs of alteration are mystical objects that grant power to weaponry and armor in dungeon realms. When used they will add a random enchant to a piece of armor or weapon. Some enchants include elemental damage on weapons or thorns and stat points on armor.

Using an orb of alteration

Orbs can be used by picking it up in your inventory and right clicking the selected piece of gear you wish to change. Once the orb has been placed each attribute has a random % chance to be added to the piece of gear. If you're unlucky you wont gain anything. If you're really lucky you could get 3-5 unique attributes on your item such as fire damage, critical hit chance, or knock back. The chances of each varies depending on what tier and type of item you're orbing. A success full orb will always give you increased stats and have a level up sound effect. If you fail an orb it will either downgrade the number of attributes on your gear or completely remove them all.

Obtaining orbs

Orbs of alteration can be obtained in 2 ways. The first is by mining diamond or gold ore for scraps then trading either 60 diamond scraps or 20 gold scraps to the merchant. If you give the merchant an orb however, he will give you back 20 gold scrap making it possible to convert diamond to gold an vice versa. The second way is by loot chests scattered around the lands. They usually spawn in any chest guarded by Tier 3 or higher enemies. The chance of one being in a loot chest is rather low, but they do appear occasionally throughout your adventure.