Skeletons are wandering, crackling undead that prey on unsuspecting travelers in Andalucia. They are found almost everywhere, including the Plains of Cyrene, Jagged Rocks, the Darkoak Forest, and The Frozen North.
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Tier 1 elite skeleton

They are faster than zombies, but depending on the tier, are about the same strength-wise. Ex: A tier 1, level 10 skeleton and a tier 1, level 10 zombie are about the same in terms of strength.

Types of Skeletons

Unlike most monsters, Skeletons are found in all 5 tiers

  1. Broken (Tier one)
  2. Crackling (Tier two)
  3. Demonic (Tier three)
  4. Guardian (Tier four)
  5. Infernal (Tier five)

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