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Status: Goblin Infested
Tier: T1, T1 Elite, T2
Zone: Wilderness-Zone

Goblin Army

Coordinates (601,994)


Skullneck is the first village you can meet when venturing into Jagged Rocks, it is a goblin-tent village filled with with T1/2 archers and a few elites. Inside of skullneck there is a city, built inside a 'Dragons Mouth' Style of building. However when inside the Dragons Mouth you should take care. As chaotic and wild zones vary in there.

Skullneck Cavern

Inside the Dragon's Mouth, there is a very large cavern populated by T2-3 goblins. The cavern has many tunnels, bridges, and huts built into the cavern walls, and a large pond at the bottom. Most the of cavern is a Chaotic Zone, so tread carefully here.

Surrounding Area

Skullneck is located on the northern half of Jagged rocks. The border between Jagged Rocks and Darkoak Forest is several hundred blocks to the west, and the Crystalpeak Tower and Castle are to the east. Everywhere immediately south and east is a chaotic zone.


Skullneck is a very popular place for T3+ mining, due to the shear amount of iron ore. This allows very fast levelling and high profit from iron armour scraps (which can be turned into ore)