Dungeon Realms has 3 different types of weapons: Swords, Axes, and Bows. They are separated into different tiers, just like armor, from Tier 1 to Tier 5, with Tier 5 being the highest. Using weapons consumes stamina (indicated by the experience bar). Once the player runs out of stamina, their attacks will not do damage and they won't be able to sprint until their stamina regenerates. The rate of regeneration can be increased by wearing a piece of armor with the energy regeneration stat. High tier weapons consume more stamina than lower tier weapons. Weapons lose more durability when used on mobs that are wearing armor two tiers lower than the weapon.

Weapon types


Swords and Axes are the two types of melee weapons. Axes use more stamina than swords, and players can use the vanilla block mechanic with swords to have a chance at preventing knockback from enemy attacks. Sword damage is affected by the Vitality stat on armor, and axe damage is affected by the Strength stat. 


Bows are currently the only type of ranged weapon. They consume tiered arrows, meaning you need the correct tier of arrows to use each tier of bow (Tier 2 bows use Tier 2 arrows). Left clicking with a bow will push an enemy back several blocks, and this consumes roughly half of the player's stamina. The amount of "charge" a shot has does not affect damage, only the range. Bow damage is affected by the Dexterity stat.


Weapons, like armor, can have different stats. In addition to damage, which determines how much damage each strike will do, weapons can have several other stats. Base damage can be increased by using weapon enchant scrolls, and bonus stats can be gained, lost, or changed by using orbs of alteration.

  • Ice - Has a chance to slow the target for a short period of time
  • Blind - Has a chance to blind the target for a short period of time
  • Fire - Sets the target on fire, dealing damage over time
  • Knockback - Has a chance to knock the target back several blocks
  • Lifesteal - Heals the player by a percentage of the damage dealt
  • Armor Penetration - Ignores a percentage of the target's armor
  • Critical Hit Chance - Has a chance to deal double damage
  • Poisen - Poisens the target, dealing damage over time

Damage bonuses:

These stats ignore 80% of the target's armor

  • Pure Damage - Adds to the total damage that a weapon does, while ignoring the target's elemental resistances
  • Ice Damage - Adds to the total damage that a weapon does, causes slowness, affected by the target's ice resistance
  • Fire Damage - Adds to the total damage that a weapon does, does fire damage for 1 ticks, affected by the target's fire resistance
  • Poison Damage - Adds to the total damage that a weapon does, does poison damage for 2 ticks, affected by the target's poison resistance

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